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Cryptopolis II

Cryptopolis II

London, UK

The proposal considers 2 issues regarding air rights and rights to territory. These 2 are commercially and administratively interrelated, and provide a solution to continued urban growth and embraces the impact of new technologies.

The Proposal
The proposal addresses the need for territory of disenfranchised socio-economic groups e.g. the black diaspora excluded from generational wealth, by partnering with capital in the re-envisioning of the city and provides an insight into the “place” and impact of architecture in society. and the creation of equity.

The form of a growing flower and its relationship to bees hovering on and collecting material from their petal surfaces, is analogous to the interactive qualities of the proposal, as surface area values, transport and distribution technologies are clustered together to form a resilient network and a microclimate that is, flexible strong and interdependent.

Concept and Form
The towers make use of undistinguished sites, linking them, creating elevated networks of parks and traffic systems symbiotically supporting each other, additional territory at sky level, with new zoning regulations.

Public space over the street and walkways, using air rights is well established in the City of London, and in the US.
This site had been vacant and awaiting development since 1945 and is used as a car park whilst its embedded value hitherto had not been utilised.

Structure and Materials:
Waste plastic harvesting provides structural reinforcement and external frame for an eco-concrete coral form construct. Modern construction methods and processes are allied to digital printing and rapid prototyping.

Economics of space production and Aerial territory
The proposal creates additional synthetic land mass at an aerial park level suitable for enhanced permaculture, leisure, and commercial possibilities, the net result is to provide 10 times its footprint in useable territory per 60 floors of construction, without compromising light penetration, given its valuable city location this provides a new economic model for development and the release of embedded values. The great benefit of Aerial territory is that it is in constant supply.

Politics of space production
Red lined districts would become the new capital providing capital the disenfranchised.

Sky Gardens and Aerial territory
The gardens and permaculture environments provide opportunities of urban farming and leisure activities which maximise production thresholds and proximities giving rise to new hybrids.

Transport and Distribution
Distribution and transportation modes continue to develop including drone and personal transportation vehicles, this proposal anticipates these new interfaces, with layered aerial territory creating safe transport routes more akin to the risk level of the elevated Highway.

Energy sustainability
As an energy generating structure the internal void of the towers contain wind turbines fuelled by and enhancing the vortices created within the void areas and the structural skin of the towers.

A new biodiversity, the outer skin comprises a permeable environment living wall which harvests and shares water condensing tech in support of the host structure and fosters biodiversity.

International perspectives
A physical model for a form of reparations, creating increased revenue from redlined territory with aerial locations whose ownership is vested in specific communities.

Prototypical space use
The future hotel room is the new inhabitation, virtual immersive environments reduces business journeys and creates a use for leisure connecting people socially delivery by drone of food and goods allows partnerships to be created with the local community within and outside of the building.

The potential
The construct forms a new layer of the city of limitless options, growing to cover the existing with a canopy of green, shading the ground whilst providing a sustainable super structure and access to meaningful participation on civic life through stakeholder ownership.

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