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A research-led teaching practice and interior/urban design group. Founded in 2005, our interests concern the inevitability of the interior in all its manifestations and its expression through architecture. The blog records our current activities from the interstitial to residential, temporary and large-scale, exhibitions, events and competition submissions which range from private intimate spaces to masterplan proposals for urban regeneration.

Parallel Lines

Layton Reid


Layton is an architect designer and educator, he is the Founder & Director of Desi(tect)ure, a research-based practice developing propositions which consider the future of polyculture and sustainable cities and the use of emerging materials and processes. The work focuses on the potential for a creative dichotomy between societal change and commercial imperatives in a time of climate change. Desi(tect)ures high density and vertical city projects work have
featured in exhibitions, publications, and at conferences internationally. 

Layton Reid is a champion of access and diversity in architectural education and the
liberation of the curriculum through internationalisation and the enfranchisement of the
students' authentic contemporary experience of phenomena, and  the future scenarios of the
unasked question.

Currently at The University of  West London  developing a new suite of 
innovative architecture courses  and previously  held the post of Associate Dean of
Architecture at Ravensbourne University  London where he created the  successful School of
Architecture, Interior Design Environment Architecture and Urban Landscape.

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