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Aero City Towers 2

Project Ethos
The aims of the development are to realize embedded land values along the shoreline of Shangotedo, providing sustainable high-density housing as part of a new business and leisure district, initializing development of the region. The area is to become home to a new sustainable community, and resort taking advantage of its position and access to a range of natural resources ranging from Atlantic Ocean views through to fertile mangrove.

The development is based on four towers, which take the form of solomonic columns which interconnect at three points over their 120 floor height. The base takes a more naturalistic terraced form as it meets the groundscape where a series of micro parks and vegetation islands interrupt the sinuous lines of surface car parking.
The form takes its inspiration from a number of sources, some traditional, such as the braiding of women’s hair and the artistic structural forms which are painstakingly created to adorn the heads of Nigerian women. The double helix has its place in considering the nature of the form and its support structure.

The development is seen as providing both a new administrative, healthcare, hub for the region, and commercial development with a blend of private and part ownership social residential accommodation.

Socio economic benefits
The types of employment, education and industries and techniques used in the construction of the development will support much of the new £10 billion infrastructure and capital building works expected to take place across the country over the coming years. This distributed knowledge will serve to underpin aspirant sustainable practices
New business, the investment in new infrastructure coupled with a realization of its place in the global economy has created an opportunity to support the burgeoning new business sector, where web based learning and SME’s need to be placed close to both government and finance centers. The towers offer flexible accommodation in close proximity to the newly established businesses, which will form part of a continuing coastal resort.

Local economy growth
The proposal would stimulate the local economy, fishing industry , eco tourism , education hub, spurring on the development of the coastal region, acting as relief to the Lagos sprawl.

Regional development, and a magnet for the future
Tourist trade, with, the ocean and the inland areas becoming developed as land prices rise this area is set to be the resort of choice for a new breed of home grown and international tourism.

Oil exploration workers, with a growing oil business hotel rooms are at a premium, the creation of a new landmark destination brings, training, education, and a new sector of employment.

Four interconnecting towers, which comprise of Offices, Residential, Vertical farm, Local area administration and Education, terraced podium, Convention Centre, Leisure, Retail. The offshore Marina and wave energy installation are sited so as not to disturb the local fishing industries and also to maximize the offshore wave energy produced. A causeway and ferry will shuttle people between the resort and the Marina.

External steel frame diagonal braces grid. main structural elements concrete caissons structural service cores, internal steel frame grid. Solar control glazing , woven bamboo outer skin. Owing to the site location and high salt content of the mangroves materials, which are resilient and renewable, will be sourced for both cladding and construction throughout.

The vertical farm will be both a source of produce and work for the inhabitants, reducing field to table times, and making use of local expertise in the production of specialist produce. The mangrove eco systems of the surrounding areas are to be conserved whilst leveraging opportunities for traditional fishing and the development of an offshore marina and wave energy installation.

The use of a range of materials, which contribute to aspects of the buildings construction and renewable in the future, include eco concrete, and a woven bamboo outer skin providing shade and a cooled environment.
The terraces of the podium level with their active drainage system will provide a large surface for rainwater, harvesting and the reed bed islands situated amongst the groundscape car parking provide an integrated network of water and waste management.

Pelamis breakwater wave energy production marina, vertical photovoltaic array, rooftop heat transfer pools, and coastal heat transfer, atrium turbines , inter floor turbines inhabit the floor voids recirculating air and generating low out put electricity for domestic/ residential use. The Parans fibre optic sun collectors are integrated into the hollow edge s of the floor plates.

The intention is to link the site to the center of Lekke peninsula and through Lagos to Victoria Island thus opening up new developments along the shoreline and a new opportunity for development away from the sprawl of Lagos.

The need for solar shading and the braided hair concept have generated an organic mesh whose qualities are akin to a cellular structure, with openings determined by the internal arrangement of spaces. This living skin has the possibility of self propagation, and will in time grow green as the seasons change and protect the building from extremes of weather and temperature change based on green loading principles.

The deep plan profile of the building allows for multiple spatial configurations, facilitated by the Parans fibre optic system bringing daylight and energy savings to the inhabited parts of the floors. The generous floor-to-floor dimensions are designed to accommodate service runs and utilities which serve the varied plans.

Atrium Gardens
These are the lungs of the development ,a place to walk and enjoy the micro parks providing open air space for the residents and air movement harvesting for turbine power and ventilation to the inner units.

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