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Pop-Up Bar

As a central focal point within the World Architecture Festival space, the bar needs to reflect the energy and activity from its surroundings. With Value and Values being the theme for the festival, we wanted to reflect how designers give worth to objects created from materials taken from nature.
The shape of the bar reflects the typography of Singapore, with each layer undulating to create the flowing form. The land of Singapore gives its population the resources to create and sustain life, we have re-used these materials to give back value to materials previously used for their initial purposes.
We want to express the World Architecture Festivals values of striving to encourage sustainability within design and architecture, this ideology needs to start with the festival and what resources it uses in creating the event.
The bar uses reclaimed wood to create the multiple levels and counter top. This will be finished with a plastic laminate top for the counter for better use.
Between each layer will be an encased LED strip to let the bar ‘glow’ within its environment. The LEDs will be RGB, so that the colour can be changed to mark the different times of the day.
The bottom panel will be formed of recycled plastics collected from the city, this will create a softer glowing shape to the bar and a juxtaposition of the natural material of the wood and the man made plastic.

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