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Olympic Jump

Iconic landmarks from across Greenwich erupt & dissolve back into the serpentine curves of the Thames as it cuts its path across the Olympic Equestrian Games site.

Students from the BA (Hons) IDEAs (Interior Design Environment Architecture) course at Ravensbourne have been commissioned by Greenwich Council & LOCOG to collaborate with local school children to create a sculptural backdrop for the Equestrian Games in Greenwich Park. A competition was organised with school children from across the borough being invited to submit proposals to identify & interpret their most important Greenwich landmarks. The winning teams were then invited to work with students at Ravensbourne to translate their initial concept models & drawings into digital prototypes.

The site for the installation spans across a tree lined grass slope with views across the city to Canary Warf & the Thames. The final design comprises familiar landmarks such as the Cutty Sark, Royal Observatory & the O2 fused together by the Thames, which dissects the whole composition. The sculpture measures 16 × 11m with the masts to the Cutty Sark rising to a height of 4.5m above the terrain. The primary structure is fabricated from approximately 200 sheets of 12mm ply slotted together to form a 400 × 800mm lattice. Key elements of the structure will be clad with ply ‘skins’ to enhance the legibility of key landmarks for an international audience, whilst retaining the more abstract qualities of the structure.

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