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Grey Goose

Grey Goose: New York Distilled Bar Experience

CORE BAR – this will be consistent in all DISTILLED events MAIN ROOM Bar design
In each event it will be in the focal space for the venue that can cater for up to 700 guests with a 360 floor to ceiling screen and a circular bar with a stage in the middle.
A sensory bar design will reflect the new Brand Visual Identity and Design Principles as well as some reference to the ‘ingredients’ that define the character of GREY GOOSE: finest quality wheat, spring water etc. The bar experience should be the ultimate in refined luxury – but also offer a playful sensory experience that compliments the drinks experience. Consider the role of light, texture, aroma and sound and how this can be incorporated in an extraordinary way that will deliver the ultimate product experience.
Design principles / BVI: please reference documents and videos provided with this brief. In addition to design guidance for bar form, carefully consideration should be given to placement of accessories and display of fresh ingredients.
Grey Goose Original should be displayed as the hero product, with the House of Grey Goose flavours also present.
As part of the event there will be a mixology showcase where a leading mixologist from the city to produce a cocktail that represents the essence of the city. Please consider how the bar design can enable a stage or sense of theatre around this moment that elevates the preparation process and theatre of serve for all guests to engage with.
Preference to design the bar with a fluid form that can sit in the centre of the space, ensuring the drinks experience has a central role to the event and the Brand is positioned at the heart of the experience.

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