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Cyclonic Urbis

Cyclonic Urbis, are prototype mini cities of home working, leisure, and consumption their location allows them to harvest wind as a source of energy and their climatic location allows the creation of micro climates which in turn aid in the production of sustainable resources, and brings the city centre to the edge, not entirely dissimilar to the Eiffel, or Blackpool towers, but in this case inhabited and energy generating edifices. The glazed cliffs of the landscape support the clearly artificial landscape above which is designed for pleasure and sustainable rotational land husbandry providing crops and produce,

The idea that there should be separate districts for designated activities, has lost its preminence in the drift of business and residential accommodation away from the centre of the city, this prototype suggests an enclosure with a permit for readjusting space , under a conjoined communal roof.

The existing paradigm of town and country / seaside come together in this proposal as it questions the our relationship to the enclosure of the city and our need for escape.

An inhabited landscape of edge living and energy harvesting tower prototype. The city traditionally sits away from the beach and the sea giving cascading views out to the horizon, but in so doing it wastes its greatest resource in its location, that of the sea breeze and the possibility of generating energy.

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