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Bronx Intersection - The Grand Concourse


A new responsive landscape!

The diverse communities of the Bronx brought together within shared space, a living vibrant 24 hour environment providing a link and a focus to a disconnected series of neighbourhoods.

Traffic control and access requires a reduction in the number of lanes in each direction, changing the perception of the area through which it passes.

Reformed central islands allow the creation of an autonomous structure and a central boulevard containing diverse activities, used by all sections of the community.

The structure has a series of overlapping zones:

Sports zone consist of activities such as basketball courts, area for a chess/domino club, hockey (inline) and softball, for users of all ages.

Health zone rooted in the community and understanding its needs includes dentists, health clinics, pharmacies, and natural and complementary medicine practitioners.

A 24hr education zone providing flexible learning modes, running a range of courses from leisure interest to gaining recognised qualifications, a forum and a place to have a voice.

Providing event/performance space, playground, kiosks shops-cafés, barbers, allotments and other local amenities.

A business zone to create opportunities for local entrepreneurs; providing business, financial, marketing skills and advice; and access to start up units along the boulevard.

Culture-scape has a LAN /WI-FI installed so everyone to can access the net 24/7. Internet café’s will be scattered along the culture scape for those who do not own laptops.

A Free Space generating a new destination, a place to grow!

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