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Air Hive


Inspired by the construction on steep hillsides as the favelas struggle to find space in Rio De Janeiro, and the stilt leg construction, where it becomes vertiginous, the project is constructed over the existing favela like a hive in the air all except for the core and the legs to to the outer frame. The tower is positioned over a commercial centre, creating less upheaval for the residents but responding to the potential afforded by requirements of the tower itself in terms of support facilities etc.


The tower sits over existing buildings in a form of air rights development, through a partnership with local inhabitants, its form has been considered to minimize impact and access of amenity to light, air etc.


At night the light cores of the tower have the possibility to radiate light within what it is hoped will be a vibrant local district of perpetual day.


Nature is a source of inspiration for the project the hive symbolic of the plight of the common bee that pollinates our world and its place in our eco system. It is hoped that the a series of natural habitats will be created in the aerial park areas of the scheme to support this initiative.


The programme supports a staged construction with the first third of the towers built and inhabited for the Olympic event and the subsequent stages built as a response to need and commercial speculation a new and interesting partnership with capital.


It seems nothing else could accelerate change in these areas other than a massive masterplan and direct investment. The buildings will therefore contain flats for the Olympians which later get converted into social housing and a 5 star hotel from which the hillside jungle adventures are run and in between high spec apartments, so similar to the Hancock Towers amenities, but in this case bringing in a large amount of social provision. Car parking will be in a new submerged basement 10ms under the existing favelas.


The main structure comprises of a concrete honeycomb core linked to a diamond lattice steel construction to which the outer skin is attached.


The outer skin is a permeable solar sail embedded with photovoltaics, it is attached to the diamond frame similar in form to a shaped mesh set in a frame on dampers attached to the main structural elements.


The outer skin also serves as water collecting membrane via the louvred elements


Energy is produced as the air movement presses on the flexible skin then the energy is transferred through the dampers on the main framework creating electricity.


Horizontally positioned wind turbines exist within the sealed twin walled core elements of the buildings circular atriums, these provide local energy needs, lighting small power.


At lower levels of this steeply angled site underground car park and water storage /site drainage, further serve to support the existing substrata with controlled drainage and water management systems , recycled on site


Through ventilation is provided through ducts between the circular sealed atria and the open voids at the rear of the accommodation.


The bridges to the rear of the building link into the hills at the back of the site, these it is proposed, will become a nature reserve with recreational, pursuit, enclave and vertical farm supplying food to the local community.

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