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A Space where experience is is science

Desitecture took part in a speculative proposal for new galleries at the science museum London, in collaboration with a group of graphic, interactive, experience, exhibition and creative designers and artists. The seamless form evokes an undulating valley with a stream of circulation populated by flowers of information and climates of visual experiences. The proposal intends to house and narrate the treasures of the science museum as they relate to time, communication and the inclusive world.

The gallery is an immersive environment with visitors free to stay, rest, sit or even recline on the surfaces, a veritable alternative, yet tangible virtual world; a place of play. The developed form takes the visitor on a journey through a landscape of experiences which reveal the interconnectedness of cultures and scientific endeavour.

Children have a special role in the continued development of the relevance of the gallery through their continued participation in a programme of lunchtime activities ending in the creation of a lunch box of ideas fro the future which is constantly updated and exhibited in the space.

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